Granting support for the empowerment of 15 IRIS CSOs Network members in BiH

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Granting support for the empowerment of 15 IRIS CSOs Network members in BiH

by | Jul 6, 2022

Members of the IRIS Network received 15 grants within the support of EU to CSOs networks in the area of Social Inclusion and Social Entrepreneurship, within the project “Better Social Inclusion through a strengthened IRIS CSOs Network”.

The implementation of all supported projects began on June 1, 2022 and will last from eight to ten months. Each project deals with important issues of social development, cooperation with local communities, improving the position of CSOs and responding to the various needs of vulnerable groups.

The objective of the SGF is to build capacities of CSOs, to initiate advocacy issues that will contribute to social innovation at the local and national level for the purpose of building a more resilient and inclusive society, promoting social entrepreneurship and advocating for positive societal changes in the communities.

Also, the grants will contribute to strengthening the participation of CSOs in the IRIS network, establishing and improving social services for vulnerable groups and their better social inclusion.

Criteria for project evaluation included: organizational performance; comprehensiveness of information including relevance of the proposal to the objectives; capacity of identified activities to achieve defined objectives; the relationship between the proposed actions and the financial plan; past experience of staff, quality of work plan with budget proposal for the upcoming 10 months; intended impact of the project and future sustainability. The IRIS Network would like to congratulate all member organizations that received small grants. The final list of all organizations that received grants can be found HERE.