About us

LIR CD / about us

LIR Civil Society (LIR CD) was founded on December 13, 2012 in Banja Luka as an association of citizens. LIR Civil Society is the successor of the Local Initiative for Development (LIR), which was founded on 4 June 2003 in Banja Luka. Transfer of references, authorizations, rights and property Local Initiative for Development to LIR Civil Society is done for the purpose of transforming the Local Initiative for Development and formal transfer of project management into LIR Civil Society as successor. LIR Civil Society can use references of implemented projects in its further work as its reference.
Citizens’ Association LIR Civil Society, abbreviation LIR CD, (LIR CIVIL SOCIETY) is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-political and humanitarian organization, qualified to work on various aspects of civil society development, economic development and environmental protection. LIR CD has many years of experience in identifying, designing and implementing integrated and development projects financed by the European Union and other financiers (UNDP, REC, CCI, SNV, IFC, local institutions). LIR CD associates have extensive experience in civil society development and business development including work with vulnerable categories of population, implementation of waste management projects and environmental protection, conducting empirical research, analyzing policies and processes and education. The knowledge they possess in the above areas are in line with the standards, regulations and directives of the European Union. LIR CD has a long-standing experience in creating and implementing educational programs / activities that involve conducting workshops, seminars, round tables, trainings from various fields, public campaigns, production of promotional materials, production of studies and strategies. LIR CD geographically operates throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and implements projects at the regional level (Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro). The LIR and LIR CDs have so far implemented 30 projects from various sectors: civil society, economic development, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Misija i vizija

MISIJA LIR Civilnog društva je da doprinese inkluzivnom i održivom razvoju Bosne i Hercegovine.

LIR Civilno društvo svojim angažovanjem želi da doprinese da politike i programi socio-ekonomskog razvoja budu adekvatni i djelotvorni, kao i da različiti društveni akteri iz javnog, privatnog i civilnog sektora što efikasnije doprinesu razvoju na regionalnom, nacionalnom i lokalnom nivou.

VIZIJA LIR Civilno društvo je najbolji instrument koji građani i poslovna udruženja, nevladine organizacije mogu da koriste za unapređenje ekonomskog i socijalnog okruženja.

During 2019, LIR Civil Society continued with the implementation of projects in the field of social protection. Through the process of networking of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the IRIS network, LIR CD continued to work on capacity building of CSOs in the country and region of the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe by providing consulting services and expertise in the field of social protection, child protection and human rights.

MISSION of LIR Civil Society is to contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. LIR Civil society, through its engagement, wants to contribute to the development of adequate policies and programs of socio-economic development, as well as to the various social actors from the public, private and civil sectors who contribute to the development at the regional, national and local levels.

VISION LIR Civil society is the best instrument that citizens and business associations, NGOs can use to improve the economic and social environment.

Areas of Action

  • Social inclusion
  • Establishing and strengthening networks at local and regional level
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Support and strengthening of the non-governmental sector and coordination with the non-governmental sector abroad
  • Conduct public campaigns, advocacy and research
  • Protection of human rights
  • Democratization and development of civil society
  • Raising the general level of knowledge and the health and social culture of the population
  • Providing the necessary assistance to refugees and displaced persons and other vulnerable categories of the population
  • Psycho-social activities
  • Work with special categories of population (persons with disabilities)
  • Advisory work with youth and adolescents
  • Assistance in employment of youth and vulnerable population groups
  • Activities in improving the education system and educational methods
  • Development of strategies, action plans, organize seminars, round tables, conferences, trainings and other forms of education
  • Advisory assistance in the field of preparation and implementation of development and other projects
  • Creating and coordinating projects
  • Counseling and implementation of projects in the field of agribusiness, tourism, agriculture and development of small and medium enterprises
  • Developing partnerships between the public and the private sector
  • Cluster initiatives
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Advising on business plans, operations and grants
  • Establishment and exchange of cooperation with development agencies, humanitarian and professional institutions in the country and abroad
  • Creating, advising and coordinating the projects to improve the quality of life of the population and the environment and waste management