Call for Peer Reviewers

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Call for Peer Reviewers

by | maj 23, 2019

LIR CD in cooperation with ASB is announcing a Call for Peer Reviewers who will conduct the Peer Reviews within the project “Promote and protect vulnerable children rights”. The Call will be on-going throughout the project duration i.e. until May 2020.

The aim of the instrument is to enhance know-how exchange between CSOs defending the rights of children, government institutions in charge for the implementation of the human rights, health and social welfare policies in BiH, education sector, security and Vulnerable Children (victims of peer violence, Migrant and Roma children, children/youth at risk) in order to support focused peer-to-peer exchange. The Reviews will lead to innovative recommendations on how to combine existing practices, juvenile violence, results, challenges, obstacles and future plans, procedures and benefits of the services. Within the project duration it is foreseen to prepare 3 independent peer-review reports (1 report per target group: Victims of peer violence, Migrant and Roma children, children/youth at risk) based on pre-prepared methodology in line with the Peer Review mechanism developed at EU level under the Open Method of Coordination.

The responsibility of the peer-reviewers will be to provide written reports and analyses for predefined tasks, which will closely follow implemented activities. Special priority will be given to field visits of the reviewers, during which they will be able to directly interview their peers as a part of the peer-review process. The topics of each Peer Review will be defined prior to each target group, Peer Reviewers included in the Database will be timely informed and will have an opportunity to apply for specific topic(s) of their interest.

IRIS member CSOs and other qualified peer reviewers are welcome to apply by sending their CVs and motivation letters to e-mail:

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