Why core value

Why core value

– For us quality and results are important and means; to respect time frames, to provide set prices and the best service, to keep our clients updated on how the research is proceeding and also to show respect for the people that we talk to.


Established since 2001, our team are highly experienced. Over 4000 assignments means deep knowledge about our clients and their markets. Rosanna have over 25 years research experience.


We believe that quality is everything. We bring passion, commitment and drive success on a daily basis. Our clients always have control over the projects through regular feedback. We are Focused, Flexible and transparent. We experience a high level of recommendations and repeat business.


Our unique pricing model means our clients pay on a cost per time basis, for us to seamlessly integrate with their inhouse talent team. We don’t charge any commission. The focus remains on quality with more flexible cost. We allow our clients a choice of how much work we undertake on their behalf. In simple terms we split the recruitment process into it’s component parts. We encourage our clients to consider how much of the process they can undertake themselves and how much outside assistance they require. We charge on a per diem basis for the work that we undertake.

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