Training for efficient management of civil society organizations

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Training for efficient management of civil society organizations

by | Oct 18, 2021

„Training for CSOs organisational planning-efficient management, accountability, good governance, networking and fundraising ” was held at Igman from 5th of October to 8th of October 2021, and it was specially designed for members of the IRIS BaH network as part of the project “Better Social Inclusion through strengthened IRIS CSO Network”, funded by the European Union.

The training offered an educational package related to organizational planning and effective management; that is, responsibility of civil society organizations, good governance, networking, and fundraising.

It also enabled participants to better communicate their knowledge and activities towards the three main target groups which are in the social assistance system and vulnerable categories: socially vulnerable categories, beneficiaries of the IRIS BaH network and ministries in charge of implementing social assistance policies in BaH and municipal public servants from SDI municipalities.

The training covered several topics:

  • strategic planning that aims to make fundamental decisions and undertake the main activities that shape and guide what the organization is, what it does and the reasons why it does what it does.
  • networking, which, as a thematic unit, implies basic knowledge of cost/benefit analysis and, based on analytical assessment, the choice of model networking of three or more organizations gathered on common values, goals, projects, etc.
  • good governance, a concept that describes how organizations (public, private, civil) conduct business and manage resources, in the expected/prescribed manner.
  • responsibility, which refers to the obligation of an individual or organization to be responsible for their actions; accept responsibility for the consequences, and to present the results in a transparent manner, and this most often includes responsibility for money and other confidential goods, responsibility for doing and not doing, and responsibility for making decisions.       

All these topics were presented by coach Adis Arapović.

Another important topic covered in the training was fundraising. These are activities aimed at raising money (and/or services, goods) from individuals, foundations, government agencies, etc. This is a very common technique for non-profit charity organizations that are seeking funding to support their activities.

It is important to emphasize that fundraising is different from financing, and coach Igor Stojanović spoke about this in detail.

The training ended with the distribution of certificates of completed training on the above topics.