Sustainable waste management in border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

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Sustainable waste management in border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

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Applicants: Lead Applicant – ARBEITER-SAMARITER-BUND, DEUTSCHLAND E.V and Applicant 2: Municipality KOTOR, Montenegro


Total budget: € 295,361.00, ASB €162,361.00, Municipality Kotor €133.000.00 and project duration 21 month 2011-2012

Project municipalities in BiH: Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko, Foča; Project municipalities in MNE: Kotor, Tivat, Nikšić, Plužine.

The Overall aimis to foster joint sustainable development and to increase the effectiveness of waste management of the cross border area by strengthening capacities of joint institutional networks among private, public and civil society sector.

Specific objectives are: a) Establishing waste management cluster as action of the environmental development initiatives in the border areas; b)Raising awareness and educating public, private, civil society sector and citizens on importance of the waste management on its economic, financial and social aspects; c)Improving joint management and re-establishing cross-border cooperation.Project description:The proposed action brings together all relevant stakeholders with the joint aim to increase environmental sustainability and improve the economic situation and overall competitiveness of the project area. Consequently, the action aims at strengthening capacities of local stakeholders to manage waste in sustainable way and practice environmentally-friendly economic activities in their surroundings. Simultaneously, the action will provide transfer of knowledge, sharing experience, increase efficiency in waste management through establishing waste management cluster, giving examples of good practices to set up Green (Recycle) Backyards.  Designed in such participatory manner the whole action is in full agreement with needs and constraints of project target groups/final beneficiaries and will fully contribute to the achievement of project-specific objectives and wider project objective. Furthermore, the proposed project comprises all necessary elements to contribute to successful environmental development in the region as well as to strengthen the role of relevant stakeholders and to develop sustainable partnership and networks. As such, project gains innovative character and produces an added value to traditionally implemented socio-economic projects. By using this model, the proposed intervention will contribute to the overall economic and environmental revitalization process in targeted countries and in the wider region. The project applicants and partners, led by ASB as the Functional Lead Applicant will enable the improvement of the situation in the border area by dealing with the core issues at hand. It is the opinion of ASB and its partners that only gaining environmental sustainability through provision of support to the waste management, long-term sustainable development of the area can be achieved.