IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management

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IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management

by | Oct 3, 2020

Implementation period: December 2017 – April 2021

Lead applicant:  Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC), Serbia

Action Partners: ASB (Germany), LIR CD (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Open Gate – La Strada (FRY Macedonia), Initiative ARSIS (Albania) and SOS Podgorica (Montenegro)

Location of the action: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FRY Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and EU countries.

Overall objective of the Action: To empower CSOs to be effective and accountable independent actors and to improve their capacity to dialogue with governments influencing policy and decision-making processes.

Specific objectives of the Action:

a) to enhance the impact of civil society by strengthening capacities of CSO service providers for actively engaging in protection sensitive migration management,

b) to engage in structured civic dialogue with governments at all levels promoting CSOs’ involvement in public decision-making and reform processes in order to improve service delivery for migrant populations.

Target groups:

  1. IRIS network – At least 200 members of CSO and at least 20 CSOs social services providers in countries covered by the Action
  2. Vulnerable and marginalized groups and individuals including all categories of migrants in countries covered by the Action
  3. 10 line ministries for Social Protection and Migration Management in the Western Balkans region
  4. 200 public officials in countries covered by the Action
  5. National and EU decision-makers in countries covered by the Action
  6. At least 20 reporters from the media outlets in countries covered by the Action
  7. Wider public in countries covered by the Action

Final beneficiaries:

  1. Ministries in charge of the migration management and implementation of the social welfare policies;
  2. Offices in charge for the cooperation with civil society in 5 WB countries;
  3. Local self-government (LSG) units on WB;
  4. CSOs providing social services;
  5. EU Institutions, various EU based networks, organizations and stakeholders involved in the processes of social inclusion and migration related issues;
  6. Media,
  7. Users of the social services on the local level.


Result 1. Increased quality of social and legal services provided by CSOs through capacity building activities

Result 2. Increased resilience and social cohesion of the local communities through civil society networking initiatives

Result 3. Strengthened national/regional coordination of the CSOs and public institutions in migration management

Result 4. Influenced reform processes in WB in order to improve service delivery for the migrant population

Main activities:

Pillar 1. Capacity building

  1. Partnership building meetings
  2. Guide on referral system/social service delivery for migrants
  3. Small Grants Scheme
  4. Annual Regional Social Academies – in cooperation with Regional Cooperation Council and Migration, Asylum, Refugee Regional Initiative
  5. EU based traineeships
  6. Mentoring programme 
  7. Peer review instrument
  8. ToT on migration management

Pillar 2. Policy influencing

  1. Gap Assessment – social services for migrants
  2. Public hearings
  3. Annual (re)integration Shadow reports
  4. Local/national advocacy campaigns
  5. Balkan briefings – quality standards of services in migration management
  6. EU Parliament events

Pillar 3. Awareness raising

  1. Balkan media caravan
  2. Media campaigns
  3. Promotion of best practices/innovative case studies

Iris Network contact details:

Twitter /IRISs
Network Facebook /irissnetwork